There’s No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home. A common catchphrase and when sung by Marianas Trench my favorite song for the last few years.

This phrase came to mind quite often as I visited home over the weekend. I live closer to my hometown than I have since leaving five years ago but still not so close as to make it easily accessible. I was unable to get home for Christmas this year but enjoyed my time spent here with my sister. Work was more than willing to give me a less in demand weekend off in January and my parents were delighted to have me for the first time since September. They have been up to visit but I haven’t been home so I was super pumped to see my dog again.

While a short visit it was enjoyable. My grandmother recently had surgery so visits with her were spent checking to see that she was okay as well as applying eye drops. I got to visit my home church and it went surprisingly well. It was good to see the older people in my church and let them know that I miss them. I stopped in to see old coworkers and visited old haunts. I spent the boat ride with two of my dear friends from high school and their infant son. I’m not a babies person but I find their son precious.

I got to pet SO many dogs, oh my goodness. My parents have two dogs, my best friend has two dogs AND a cat, and my honorary mother has two dogs. I was in heaven. My dog is 9 and still as silly as ever. She’s become better at cuddling though which makes sleeping easier.

While at home I had Adele’s Hello stuck in my head which just made me laugh really. I watched the Def Leppard movie with my family and listened to the hair metal channel with my dad. We took the scenic (mostly) plowed roads back to my current home and arrived in time for my evening shift.

I’m sorry for the delay in this week’s blog post and the lack of grist it contains. Right now I’m avoiding cleaning, listening to music, trying to remember how to cook proper meals, and piecing together a Young Adult novel in the making. I hope you are well and please let me know what you think of the new theme.

Take care,