Modesty is Policy. This will be enforced. (TW: Rape)

It was bound to happen eventually.

I’m not surprised.

THAT part of town? THAT time of night? With THAT guy?

What was she wearing?



Well there you go.

She should really know better.

Dress better.

Leave something to the imagination hunny. Stop selling yourself so short.


Can’t you hear yourself?

Don’t you understand the words out of your mouth?

“Leave something to the imagination?? What do you think I have down there- a utility belt?

That would have been useful the night of September twelfth

Two years ago

Three months. Three months before I would let myself

IMAGINE, accept, acknowledge, it had been assault

Four months before I had the nerve to speak out

Three months after you fled this town.

I once heard the comparison made

Between a displayed body and a chocolate cake

My blood burned, my shame returned, but they got something right

To objectify is to take a bite

Deliberately consuming til there is nothing left

Whether its pound cake or my poorly concealed breasts

Until you are satisfied, full to bursting, satiated

As you get to walk away and my purity is debated

Modest is hottest they say with pristine grace

What is hottest is walking home with sweat streaming down your face

Your legs on fire (LIAR, LIAR) in dress pants and baggy sweater

While the shirtless boy for hire mowing the lawn is never better

Beer in hand he asks for trouble

From fallen twigs and hidden rubble

Beer in hand, skirt hitched high, far from sober

I ask for nothing, celebrate the week being over

I am sick of being told by  men in grubby pants and ironic vests

Where to go, how to act, and most important how to dress

I don’t want to be your wife, lover, MOTHER, or mistress

I don’t want to be questioned in times of distress

About the length of my skirt, the extent of my flirt

Or my intentions with the boy coming at four

I don’t want to have to text my friends on a weekday night

To see whether they made it safely to their door

I want to be treated as a person when dressed from head to toe

Given the same respect no matter what I choose to show

My dress is not consent, I ask for nothing, don’t resent

Me for having the confidence you tried so hard to steal

To strip from me, but nothing else can be revealed

So here’s a revelation, forgive me for being crass

But you can take your “modest policy” and shove it up your ass.


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