13 Little Signs You’re Doing A Pretty Good Job At This ‘Being An Adult’ Thing

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1. You can relax. When people are super anxious about their lives, they almost never relax. It’s counter-intuitive but relaxing would mean they would have to be quiet enough to hear the inner voices that’s shouting about whatever insecurity they’re experiencing. Being able to lay on a beach or in a lawn chair for an entire day is a sign of good mental health. If you need to keep yourself constantly busy (or drunk, or whatever) it may be because you don’t want to hear what your inner voice has to say when you slow down enough to hear it.

2. You’ve learned that life isn’t hit or miss, it’s a process. You probably don’t have your dream job, but you’re discovering what you like and you don’t like and you are getting better at it every day. When things go wrong, you know you’ll get them right, eventually…

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Just to get things started

Greetings. Good morning? Good evening? Hello all the same and thanks for tuning in.

After much hemming and hawing after the last year or so I have decided to start my own blog. Like any other recent university graduate/20-something I believe that now that I have some Life Experience under my proverbial belt I have Some Things to Say. One might even say, Some Advice to Give. Hence, this blog.

Will it be painfully pretentious at times? Perhaps. Prone to preamble and perilously long rambles that don’t actually lead anywhere? Almost definitely. Will my Strong Opinions change as time goes on? I certainly hope so.

So if you’re still interested (and by no means should you be at this point) stay tuned. There is more to come very shortly. My first post will most likely be an explanation of this almost flinch worthy title followed by some (hopefully well thought out) posts about Things That I Think About A Lot. I will try to organize these thoughts into categories which may or may not have sidebar settings. I am not as tech savvy as I have been or as I could be.

But this will be a growing experience for both myself and for anyone who tunes in and feels like speaking up. I believe this blog should have a comments section. If this proves false I will post a way to contact me. Above almost everything else, I want this blog to start a discussion, or to keep a previous conversation going. If there is something you would like me to speak on specifically I will do my best to write on it, even if it’s just to admit my utter ignorance/indifference on the subject and then go from there.

Let’s see how it goes.